Silicone Face and Body Cleansing Brush

Silicone Face and Body Cleansing Brush

Silicone Face and Body Cleansing Brush

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Tired of investing your money and time in expensive cosmetic products which most of the times don’t deliver the advertised results?

Would you like to get that SPA-like sensation in the comfort of your own home? This face and body cleanser is the perfect solution!


✔ Deep Facial Cleansing

✔ 90-second skincare timer

✔ Four cleansing massage strength



This silicone facial cleansing device comes with latest sonic vibration technology and an original stereo rotating magnetic bead system, which gently acts on your skin leaving it properly cleaned and softer than ever!

















Unlike similar products on the market, this sonic cleanser comes with 4 functioning modes which are fully adjustable according to your needs. Modify the intensity of its vibrations with the press of a single button! 


Cleansing your face with Facial Cleansing Brush allows your skin to better assimilate moisturizing creams. No more impurities or obstacles, the nutrients and vitamins contained in the day/night creams are more easily absorbed by your epidermis. They are more effective and allow you to obtain more beautiful skin from day to day.


With a fully waterproof IPX7 design, magnetic base for effective and rapid charging, an ergonomic and practical handle and food grade silicone perfect for all skin types, this sonic cleanser is a must in your beauty kit!


The facial cleansing brush is very easy to use :

1. Moisten your face. Warm water is preferable to open the pores.

2. Run your Facial Cleansing Brush under clear water.

3. Apply your cleansing lotion to the device. Then press the ON/OFF button on the back of the unit. Press 1 or 2 times to activate the "Cleaner" mode.

4. Make small circular motions on your face. You can stay longer on difficult areas (such as the chin for example).

5. Rinse your face with clear water and dry it with a towel. Apply your moisturizer to your face. Then activate mode 3 or 4 of the device to start the "Massage" mode. Facial Cleansing Brush will gently massage the cream into your face.

6. Once finished, press and hold the ON/OFF button for a few seconds to turn off your device.

7. Cleanse it under clear water after use.


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